Bornd Silent Wireless Mouse
Product Review Summary
Simple. Elegant. Designed to have everything it needs, and nothing that it doesn't, the Bornd Silent Wireless Mouse may be the missing piece to your perfect desk setup.

The perfect combination of form and function, the Bornd Silent Wireless Mouse knocks its niche out of the park. There are no extra features to clutter up the user experience, and the functionality it includes it performs to perfection.

What Is It?

Have you ever even heard of a “silent” computer mouse? I didn’t even know it was a thing until several years ago when I moved desks at work and found myself in a much quieter location than before. Felt like every click of my mouse echoed through the halls! So I started researching and sure enough, I apparently wasn’t the first one to have that problem!

A number of companies make a similar product, and although I haven’t tried any of the others, I can’t imagine that the “click” itself is drastically different. I’m sure they’re all relatively quiet compared to what you’d expect from a standard mouse.

But where Bornd sets itself apart for me is in their simplified design that still manages to incorporate all the needed functionality I would expect. Although I know there are absolutely use cases for those mice that have 71 buttons and are customizable down to the tiniest custom action. I can totally understand there are specific situations where that functionality is needed. But for me, I’m not gaming, or streaming, or doing any of those highly custom applications. So I want something simple, streamlined, and reliable. Bornd delivers on that in all the right ways for me.

5 Fav Features

  • Quiet Clicks
    • Although the click isn’t technically 100% silent, it’s darn close. You have to raise the mouse up to your ear, and the room needs to be pretty quiet for you to actually hear it.
  • Scroll Wheel Resistance
    • I find that the scroll wheel has the perfect amount of resistance. I’ve used mice before with scroll wheels that have no resistance, or very little. I hate that. I want to know that I’m scrolling. This has the perfect balance that allows me to move quickly up and down the page, but with the feedback and tension that I prefer.
  • Clickable Scroll Wheel
    • A key feature of any mouse that I use is a scroll wheel that is clickable. That doesn’t at all mean that it’d be important to you. It’s totally personal preference on how I use my computer. But I prefer to open new tabs when clicking links and a clickable scroll wheel allows me to do it directly from the mouse in one step instead of having to use the keyboard shortcut. I also am a bit of a tab control freak and like to close out of anything I’m not using. Again, the clickable scroll wheel gives me that ability in one simple action.
  • Sensitive Tracking
    • I like a suuper sensitive tracking speed. I use multiple monitors and I need to cover a large area quickly as I’m working. Not a single other mouse that I’ve used has allowed me to turn up the sensitivity as highly as this one. Obviously the setting is on the computer itself, but even if I max out the sensitivity setting it’s still not enough for me on every other mouse I’ve used. I’m only at about 80% on the Bornd and it’s plenty.
  • Battery Life
    • Bornd did implement an auto-sleep function after a set amount of minutes (can’t recall the amount of minutes built in). But regardless I always turn mine off at the end of the night. I can’t imagine the battery life would be too much less if you never turned it off since it would automatically go to sleep. But my battery usually lasts 4-5 months before needing a change. Not sure how that stacks up against others, but it feels pretty awesome to me.


  • Pros
    • Silent clicks allow for nearly undetectable use even in quiet areas.
    • Scroll wheel has the perfect amount of tension built in, and is also clickable allowing for additional functionality in a single action.
  • Cons
    • Although I wouldn’t use it, it would be a neat feature to allow the scroll wheel click to be customizable so you could assign whatever action you want that immediate access to.
    • I’ve found that the pads on the bottom can gather junk every few weeks. This build up causes the movement of the mouse to get a little less fluid. All it takes is a simple scrapping off of that stuff and it’s back to normal. But I wish it didn’t happen as often as it did. Every few weeks feels more often than it should be.
Brandon Reed

Brandon Reed

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Brandon Reed

Brandon Reed

Nullam quis risus eget urna mollis ornare vel eu leo. Donec ullamcorper nulla non metus auctor fringilla. Vestibulum id ligula porta felis euismod semper. Vestibulum id ligula porta felis euismod semper.

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