Shoulder Dolly

Remember your childhood dreams of having super hero powers that defy human explanation? Well….welcome to your dreams, adult you. Moving huge, heavy objects is your new super power, and Shoulder Dolly is your radioactive spider.

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Atomic Beam

You’d like to light the way on a simple back woods trail? Atomic Beam. You’d like to see your entire backyard lit up like it was 12 noon in the middle of the night? Atomic Beam. Want to focus a blinding ray of light on an owl sitting in a tree branch 100s of yards away? Atomic Beam. You get the picture. This thing does all of it and more.

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My Pillow

Have you ever slept on a cloud? Have you ever rested your tired head on pure, powdered snow? MyPillow gives you that gift, and so much more.

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Thermacell MR450 Mosquito Repeller

Anyone who has ever camped, fished, hunted, or done really any activity outdoors will tell you that mosquitoes are a sworn, mortal enemy. And the battle to keep them away is real, and ever-present. Well, ladies and gentlemen…I give you the weapon that has finally made the fight fair.

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Thermacell Radius Mosquito Repeller

We all fight this war together. The ageless battle of man vs. mosquito. For years we have been ill-equipped to hold our own. Nearly defenseless against this relentless enemy. That changes now. Thermacell has given us the weapon we’ve all been dreaming of without us even knowing what to ask for.

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